Hello, I'm Michael Svardh, I grew up in Kitsap County, Washington State. I graduated from North Kitsap High School and Seattle's University of Washington in Economics and Business in 1988.  I've been a licensed Washington State Real Estate Agent since 1989, a licensed Real Estate Broker since 1991 and have owned the licensed real estate firm NorthKitsap.com LLC since 1999.  I know the people, the neighborhoods and the real estate business in the area.  You can call or text me at (360) 509-2500 or send a quick email to MichaelSvardh@gmail.com 

P.O. Box 350, Hansville, Washington 98340. Kitsap County, Washington State, USA. Contact: (360) 509-2500 MichaelSvardh@gmail.com

Licensed Real Estate Broker
Washington state independent Real Estate Brokerage Firm  and Broker.

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NorthKitsap.com LLC Licensed Real Estate Firm and Broker.

Real Estate Investment 

Property, Land, purchase, and sales , RENTALS, trades  and  new construction.